The Simplest Way to Get Videos From Twitter
December 5, 2021

The Simplest Way to Get Videos From Twitter

Videos are still what people go bananas for. We all know that you can catch a lot of really good videos by simply scrolling through your Twitter account. That is not exclusive to just what you have on your timeline, but also what’s being tweeted around the world. Therefore, let’s find out how to download them!

The simplest way to get videos from Twitter

There are a lot of websites that can get videos from Twitter, but TwitVid is the simplest one that I’ve found. The site has a listing of all the video links posted to Twitter and even includes trailers for each, which you can watch before actually going to the website. All you have to do is find the tweet, click on it, and hit download.

Tips on how to download a video from Twitter

To get a video from Twitter, click on the share button and select to share with Facebook, Instagram, etc. After clicking that your browser should open up to Youtube or Vimeo. Select export then downloads it to your computer. If you see a tab for a video when you hover over a tweet or video link on Twitter, simply click on this tab. There, you will only need to select the download location and the quality of encoding to download your videos securely. It is not possible to preview or download videos directly off of YouTube’s Twitter posts. The same story applies to Facebook posts.

Steps for downloading a tweet video

1. Click the video in the tweet 2. Click on “Share” or “+Save” (depending on which one appears) while the tweet is still open 3. Click on “Download video” that pops up 4. Click on “Download Mp4 File” to get the video in an MP4 format for playback without software install

Ways to use a video you’ve downloaded from Twitter

If you want to use a video you’ve downloaded from Twitter, such as a live event, share it with other people on Twitter by tweeting the video URL. Twitter will automatically detect that it is a video and attach a thumbnail. Other features to make your tweets more interesting: add in words like \”UNFOLLOW\”, \”GREAT SONG TO START YOUR WEEKEND\”, and \”HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!\” to make them sound exciting.


If you need to upload a video of your friend on Twitter, it’s possible. It requires two easy steps. First, take the video and convert it to GIF’s. Second, add the GIF images to a new tweet along with commentary. Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag

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